What is Werkworks? 

Werkworks is a new peer to peer marketplace for creative services built on the Sharetribe platform.  Creative entrepreneurs set up custom profiles with information regarding their business and services and list their services.   Clients can then browse or search listings,  communicate with providers through the built in module and book services directly with providers. Please see our How it Works page for more information on setting up your account and listings.  If you have questions or need more information, please email us at hello@thewerkworks.com. 


What kinds of services can I list on Werkworks?

Werkworks is designed to support independent entrepreneurs and offers a variety of categories for listings in both creative arenas and supporting roles.    Currently available categories and subcategories for listings can be viewed here on the left sidebar, just click on each parent category to see the subcategories. These categories and subcategories will appear for selection in a drop down menu in the listing template.   If you don't see a category that applies to your service but believe it would be a good fit for the site, please contact us at hello@thewerkworks.com. 


Why should I use Werkworks?

We give you access to quality creative professionals. 


We make it easy to find the right person for your project by offering services in a variety of categories  in creative industries and supporting roles.   Werkworks is an excellent way for creatives to find other creatives to collaborate with as well as market services directly to clients.


No up-front fees, no risks.

There are no membership fees, listing fees or referral fees.  When a request for a service is made by a client, the creative service provider has to accept in order for a transaction to take place and nothing is charged until a transaction is approved by both parties.    


We make it easy to run your business.

We can help you streamline the business side of your operation by letting you advertise your services directly to clients, communicate with clients and process payments all in one place.  With the mobile site, you can access the site wherever you happen to be.  

Welcome - we have some fun things in store and can't wait to share them with you!