How it Works

Below is a step by step guide to setting up your profile and creating listings, and some useful tips for using the site. If you have any issues or additional questions, please email for assistance. 

Set Up Your Account

First, register with Werkworks and set up your profile in the marketplace with a photo and a description of your business, your services and any policies applicable to your listings.  This profile will operate as your virtual storefront within the site.  To edit your profile, click on the button bar under your profile photo.

Profile pictures are square. If the uploaded image ratio is not square, the larger sides will be cropped to form a square, which might distort your image. To avoid this, simply crop your photo to a square before uploading.   One easy way to do this is to crop the photo on your smartphone and upload it to your profile using the mobile version of the site.  

To Create Listings

Click on the blue "Post a New Listing" button in the top right corner of the screen.  

Use the simple drop down menus to select your category and increment and specify your price.  In the description field, include a detailed description of the services you're offering and be sure to tell your clients what is or is not included.  Also advise clients of any information or conditions you require before accepting a booking, such as a date or location,  etc.  The location field allows you to include an address or location in your listing.   If you choose to list services by the day, your listing will include a date selection field for inquiries.  When a potential client views your listing, they will have the option to make a request for service which is conveyed to you by the site. 

 Once a request for a service is made, the service provider has three days to accept the request, after which time the request will be canceled.  The provider receives payment for their goods or services immediately upon acceptance of a request (minus the PayPal fee pf 2.9% plus .30.)  Werkworks' 3% fee is then drawn from the deposited funds. 

There is no fee to place a listing, and you can edit your listing at any time.  Listings do not expire and do not close when a request is made.  All listings must be manually closed by the user when a product or service is no longer available.  If you are selling a limited number of items such as tickets to an event, be sure to note in your listing that the purchase is subject to availability and close your listing as soon as you are sold out.   When Sharetribe adds an inventory feature for listings we will update this section accordingly. 

Adding Photos to your Listings

To add photos to your listing, either upload them from your desktop, or use the mobile version of the site on your phone to seamlessly upload directly from your photo album.  Any photo of your work online can be uploaded using a screenshot (just make sure you have the legal right to use it.)  Be aware that the first photo uploaded will become the cover photo for the listing, and Sharetribe does not currently allow you to change the order of photos after they are uploaded.

The aspect ratio for listing photos is landscape format with a ratio of 3:2.  If an uploaded image ratio is within 20% of the 3:2 ratio, it will be cropped automatically.   If the image is not close to the target ratio (e.g. a photo with portrait orientation) it will not be cropped, resulting in gray bars on the sides of the photo.  You can crop your photos on a smartphone and upload them using the mobile version of the site on your phone (easiest), or crop them on your computer and drag and drop them into your listing.  

Connecting Your PayPal Account 

Once you have set up your first listing, Sharetribe will prompt you to connect your PayPal account to your Sharetribe account and grant permission to the site.  This will allow Sharetribe to process payments for you and deduct the minimal fees charged by the site.   If you don't already have one, you'll need to set up a business account with  PayPal or upgrade your existing account to allow you to accept credit card payments.

To Find Services

Sign up for your account, then enter the service you need in the search box, or browse the categories.  If you have questions or a special request for a provider, contact them using the built-in communications module before making your request.   Providers can modify the terms of a listing or create a custom listing for you at their discretion.  If you make a request for service, payment will transfer when it is accepted.   If you purchase an item for sale, payment will transfer upon purchase.


All users are strongly encouraged to use the built in communications module to discuss and confirm the terms of  bookings prior to requesting a service or accepting payment.  Conversations within the platform may be viewed by Werkworks admin and may be used to resolve disputes at Werkworks' discretion.  Users are also eligible for Paypal buyer protection in the event something goes wrong.


After a transaction is completed, members have the option to leave reviews for one another.  Reviews appear on users profile pages and consist of a thumbs up or thumbs down and text input.   Sharetribe does not currently provide the capability to edit or delete user reviews.  Users are strongly encouraged to attempt to resolve any issues directly between the parties and contact Werkworks for assistance prior to leaving a negative review.  


It is the responsibility of the parties to a transaction to arrange the terms of any refunds.  A provider can issue a full refund to the buyer from their PayPal account at any time. Providers may then also request a refund from Werkworks of the percentage transaction fee, which will be granted at Werkworks discretion.

In the event of a refund, PayPal will refund the percentage portion of their fees, but not the fixed fee. This means that, for each refund, both Werkworks and the seller will lose the fixed fee ($0.3 in the US.)